framework8 isn't just a framework, it's an idea. 

The idea that every aspect of an environment, be it a website, an app, a CRM or piece of software, works best when they are connected.


How does framework8 connect things?
True connection comes from similarity and, in the case of framework8, things aren't just similar - they are the same. Be it a webpage, a user, an image, a tag, a button, an email or something we haven't thought of yet, framework8 treats everything as an asset - and assets love to get together. 

What can you do with framework8 assets?
Anything. Given that connections are unlimited and everything is an asset, there are no limits to the possibilities and applications of framework8. 

What have we done with framework8 assets?
We have built three flagship products:

Headless? Decoupled? or Not?

You choose how you work with framework8. 

Traditional (not headless)
You can exploit framework8's built in functionality including a full rendering engine to deliver content to any browser based application. 

You can use the framework8 Admin as a headless CMS to design and store all your data, allowing for a smooth editor experience and use the RESTful API to pull content into any device / platform you choose. 

We believe the way forward is to use both.
The fw8web product gives you everything you need to immediately start designing, editing and rendering content to a browser and you can then mine that content via the RESTful API to both update and deliver content to any other application such as a mobile app or something nobody has thought of yet...

The 5 minute setup

Actually, its 3.5 minutes... As a developer you can initiate a new project and begin designing, editing and rendering your content to a browser in minutes, allowing you to prototype or even implement a full project quickly and easily.


framework8 remains plugged into the fw8 ecosystem, allowing you to receive updates including new components that you can use to enhance your existing applications, all managed through the fw8.admin UI.

Some components that are coming soon include ecommerce and a translations manager.