Handlebars server side templating

Introducing Handlebars syntax for server side templating

We are please to add handlebars templating syntax to fw8. This brings many advantages in simplicity, readability and performance. Its now possible to selectively disable Razor rendering.

We envisage developers will use handlebars for most basic to intermediate requirements and utilise the power of Razor when more complex requirements surface.

Up to 5x performance improvement over non-cached Razor templates.

After researching the library https://github.com/rexm/Handle... we were impressed with the speed at which templates render and the readability of handlebars templates.

<!-- example of a breadcrumb implementation in handlebars syntax -->
<div id="crumbs">
  <li><a href="/support/handlebars-server-side-templating">Handlebars server side templating</a></li>