fw8 | Research

Product overview

fw8 | Research provides agencies and clients with a means to engage consumers and collect valuable customer insights. Built on fw8 | Foundation, the intuitive user interface equips administrators with the means to administer and execute each stage of the research lifecycle.

Community panel
Dedicated space to run qualitative and quantitative activities to capture member insights and gather market intelligence.

Customisable look-and-feel 
The present layer is fully responsive and can be tailored to fit design requirements.

Invite. Engage. Reward.
Reach target audiences through website, email and social media channels. Upload content to stimulate discussion and increase activity responses. Administrators can manage content and activity with the ability to set prize draws to incentivise participation.

Focus Groups
Run live events with selected audiences to capture information and better understand what inspires and motivates individuals. Administrators can invite members based on profile information, post open questions, add activities, images and video content.

Forum Activities
Members see online discussions relevant to their profile information with capability to comment, respond and engage with each other. CMS users set questions and activities with the ability to analyse comments and gauge sentiment.

Questionnaire Activities
Gather deep understanding of audiences to deliver invaluable quantifiable insights. Administrators can create flexible, configurable surveys using basic, gamification and advanced styles with no limitations around design, length or complexity.

Basic Surveys
Question types are built for all devices to be accessed anywhere, anytime

Quick Polls
For fast responses, revealing information and encouraging interaction.

Advanced Surveys
Advance tools to test creative for sales advertising and marketing campaigns including dial testing and heat maps.

Gamification Surveys
Engaging survey designs to encourage responsiveness and involvement. Text highlighter tool can be used to test marketing and advertising messaging. Rank sort and card sort tools are interactive features ideal for touch screen devices.

fw8 | Research installed components

fw8 | Web comes pre-installed with all the components you need to implement and manage enterprise-level websites

SurveysThe fw8 survey component provides agencies and clients with a means to engage consumers and collect valuable customer insights

WebsiteThe fw8 website component is the home of your site and offers full WYSIWYG content management in a bespoke environment

TemplatesGives you 100% control over all the templates in your fw8 web application, including Razor integration

TaggingThe highly flexible tagging component offers full control over your tagging hierarchy, as well as tools to find assets by tag

MediaThe fw8 media component offers full digital asset management for storing all types of media - for use within other fw8 components and third party services

CommsAdds templated email and SMS communication capabilities to your fw8 application, allowing for highly targeted marketing campaigns with full reporting

UsersManage the users and members within your application - creating new users, monitoring activity and setting up permissions

RecycleThe fw8 recycle component stores recycled assets ready for restoring, so nothing is ever physically deleted

Extend your fw8 | Research application

fw8 | Research can be extended with the following components to bring new connected functionality and features.

RestfulAPIA fully featured, secure restfulAPI, giving you full access and control over every asset in the application

BranchingOffers multi-language and multi-environment (Live, Stage, Dev) support for all fw8 components and assets

CRMThe fw8 CRM component offers enterprise-level CRM capabilities for your application

CustomCustom fw8 components can be designed and incorporated with other components, bringing bespoke functionality to your application